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Dough Bowls, Breadboards, and Bread…. my new love.

by Megan

Before the end of my life, I wish to have a collection of dough bowls and breadboards that I myself have made. Until I learn how to use those tools necessary to make those much-loved boards, I must just admire those of others…

Here are a few I have found that are perfect in size, shape, and “rustic”appearance that I am looking for.

My goal is to find some that are unique,
and primitive looking. I would rather not buy some straight from the store that have been factory made, but in some cases, that might be necessary if they have the right look.

They also have to be seasoned properly so that they do not get rancid after food prep. I’m pretty sure a good rub down with mineral oil takes care of that, but I do have to read up some more on that.


As far as bread goes. Well, it is my favorite thing to make now. Since “Red”, my new best friend came into my life.

I have transitioned from desserts, to bread. I keep telling myself that the bread is better because it doesn’t contain the butter and sugar amounts that desserts do. But then again there is the massive amounts of flour in the bread. I’m still in denial about that though.

One thing at a time, one thing at a time…

I have found some great recipes for some easy, great-tasting bread. I thought I would share with you -

Today I am trying this recipe for a soft honey oat bread from the Bakingdom blog and it is fantastically simple to make.

This bread was made from the Bakingdom recipe I mentioned above. I would make this every day if I could. It the MOST YUMMY bread I have ever tasted. Seriously.

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